The IRD Office in Nepal requires that the servers that hosts the billing must be located inside Nepal. Be it cloud or in house. Geekworks and many other hosting company provides cloud solutions in Nepal.

They will generally take the MAC address of the server and software system spect including operating system details.

What IRD needs from clients is 3 things

  1. Server details ( eg. Windows Server 2012, MAC: XXX)
  2. Billing software details ( eg. Meronetwork Billing Software )
  3. Company docs ( eg. Tax clearance, bill samples )

Some of the documents needed from software side is ( sales book, sales return book, materialize report, bill sample and etc.

IRD recommended database system

Most of the time many are confused what database system is required by the IRD. There is no specific recommendation as long as the system is relational database. So Microsoft access is not recommended or not allowed. However MYSQL and any other relational DB systems are allowed.

Materialized View problem in mysql

Materialized views is not supported by Mysql by default however, we can tweak it so that we are authorised from IRD. To enable materialized view we need to enable events in mysql, and fire triggers.

example code will look like this


TRUNCATE TABLE materialize_view;

INSERT INTO materialize_view (`order_id`,`fiscal_year`,`bill_no`.........